When ‘we were we’ P-Square begged to be like us – Music group FBS


Why P-Square wanted to be like FBS

FBS claims Nigerians copied their beat

FBS says Ghana music hasn’t progressed

Music group, FBS has blamed the woes of local artistes on the failure of the Ghana music industry to promote their craft reasons why Nigerians, who one time looked up to them have now taken over the scene.

The group who have been missing in action for years has recalled the time when their colleagues in Nigeria begged to be like them.

According to Abass Najo and Amenu Najo, Nigerians copied and sampled beats by Ghanaians just to make hit songs.

Speaking to Sir Roy on his show ‘Let’s Talk Entertainment’, Amenu Najo of FBS disclosed that award-winning Nigerian artistes, P-Square, begged to be like them at the time when they were making waves with their songs.

The ‘Oldman Boogey’ singers disclosed that all the songs that came from Nigeria were sampled from foreign music but now, they have found their foot in the industry resulting in their artiste winning and gaining Grammy Award nominations.

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“See what Nigerians are doing. They started by copying our (Ghanaian) music. When we were we, they were doing copyright. They just sampled the foreign songs direct.

“A group called P-Square saw FBS either 2002 or 2003 in Nigeria and before we started our show, they open the floor with Michael Jackson’s song. After we finished, they even begged to come to our hotel to say ‘FBS please we want to become like you’… I swear, let social media carry it…They (P-Square) will remember this, they said they wanted to be like FBS and they took over the world within a short time and we see them copying and taking over ‘Oldman Boogey’ and copying our beats. We see them… I remember them saying they copy our style and Ghanaians are just there, what is wrong with us?” he quizzed.

Watch the interview below:


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