Watch Video: Student boldly tears lecturer’s shirt as she fights him for stopping her from writing exams

A dramatic video has emerged of an irate female student physically assaulting a male lecturer for allegedly stopping her from sitting an examination.

In the video which has been posted by multiple platforms on social media, the young lady is heard yelling indiscriminately as she rages on about the alleged incident.

The video, which lasted less than two minutes opens with the female student firmly holding the male lecturer by his shirt making demands.

In the video online, the young lady forcefully grabs the lecturer by his neck several times after he had managed to free himself from her grip, refusing to let go of him.

Despite attempts by her colleagues to intervene, the irate female student vigorously tears the lecturer’s shirt while screaming at him.

The video of the unfortunate incident has gathered varied views on social media.

Legendary.asap remarked, ”Like wtf is this.”

Obdeeofficial writes, ”E Don happen .”

Watch the video below.

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