Take Your Time In Life, You Will Get There At The Rigth Time – Jackie Appiah Advises


Ghanaian actress, Jackie Appiah has incurred the wrath of social media users after a video of her advising young people went viral.

According to them, she has no moral right to question the ‘get rich fast’ syndrome adopted by the youth in recent times.

Jackie Appiah in the video on Instagram bemoaned how young people are hell bent on making quick money.

In her view, even the most richest people on earth did not make their money overnight.

“As a human if someone gives birth and you see the baby walking, won’t you be afraid? You would even run away,” Jackie said amid laughter.

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But her Jackie Appiah’s admonition has since stirred massive debate online. Many blamed her to giving the youth pressure with her extravagant lifestyle.

Others also argue that, her caution as a role model is apt.

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