Sheena Gakpe – The Big Nyashed Girl Who Killed Black Sherif’s Rain Performance With Her Nyash


Sheena Gakpe, a beautiful Ghanaian socialite, actress, and model, has dominated social media with her own version of Black Sherif’s Kwaku The Traveller performance.

Sheena was seen standing in front of a stunning building in a recent video that went viral from the actress’s official Instagram page.

She chose to join the recent trend of people duplicating Black Sherif’s live performance of his freshly released song, Kwaku The Traveller, at the 3Music Awards.

Her performance has gone viral and people are wondering who she really is and wants to overthrow our very own Hajia Bintu.

Sheena Gakpe is a Ghanaian actress, television commercial model, and brand ambassador who is gorgeous and well-endowed.

She has a Bachelor of Science in Accounting, according to her Instagram feed.

Sheena Gakpe stands for the camera in a red dress, flaunting her gorgeous physique as her severely bare rear gets all the focus in some of her images published.


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