See massive reactions after photo of heavily pregnant girl who is purported to be 10years old popped up

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Sources say the unnamed girl who is from Soweto, South Africa is in the last trimester of her pregnancy and could be ushered into the labour ward soon.

The development has caused much hubbub as people wonder the direction the world is heading towards with this strange report.

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Shortly after the publication which went viral, a lot of netizens popped up to add their two cents to the discussion.

See the few ones we have gathered for you.

Amaka Charity Michael: Gud afternoon ladies and gentlemen peace be unto this house. Some girls start menstruating very early while some late and when d child start menstruating and someone Luo her to bed she can be pregnant it doesn’t matter d age. That’s why no many mother start ringing bell in ur ear once u start seeing it, if any man touch ur body u will be pregnant so is 100% possible for those doubting it. I have someone that started menstruation at d age of 9 but she’s not pregnant shall but it possible.

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CN Cross Nation: Law of karma is real and reicarnation or rebirth too is real , if we understand life, we will understand that karma always take place in human life.the evil you do today will pay you back unexpected time . So we must be careful with things we do in hidden . One day they will manifest .

Ghods Gen Eral: This girls face ankasa show say she be Baron paaa! Gaza girl like that! ?? Nevertheless, we still can’t blame her. If not that she got raped,then I guess she didn’t had a good upbringing! What a pity??

Mystikal Ohene: If you educate people about family planning, people will be looking at you as if you a something. Anyways if someone knows the parents of the child, make u dm let help plan and secure her future. Thank you

See the photo below;


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