Salma Mumin Unable To Walk In Heels Due To Unbalanced B*tt – Video Causes Stir

Young Ghanaian actress and entrepreneur Salma Mumin has caused a stir in a new video.

There are claims that Salma has gone for a top-up on her butt as her recent photos and videos show her with an incredibly huge butt!

Salma recently organised a show where she promoted her clothing line ‘Lure by Salma’, and she stormed the program in a bodycon dress showing off what her doctor gave her.

However, Salma has gotten people talking about just how horrible her butt looks.

She’s got her nyash protruding at the wrong angle and they feel like two huge stones in a sack; they are not flexible and they do not shake.

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The beautiful actress has caused a mega stir as she was even unable to walk properly in heels because she couldn’t control them.

Her nyash appears to be too much and seems quite unbalanced for her thighs and legs and that’s bringing its own struggle.

We have never seen Salma struggling in heels like this before!

Watch the video below;

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