Reggie Rockstone cites VVIP in his defense of McBrown over UTV exit


Reggie Rockstone has shared his experience of being criticized by Ghanaians for joining VVIP while Nana Ama McBrown made her move from Despite Media Group to Media General.

In an Instagram comment, Reggie acknowledged the criticism he received but emphasized that everyone enjoyed the music they created together. He also expressed his belief that change is good and that people should move on.

“Till this day, some folx still cuss me about joining VIP into VVIP, but all enjoyed the music we made lol smh! Humans can be sum way huh! Change is good, and we all move on! Bless us all, AMEN,” he shared.

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Nana Ama McBrown’s departure from Despite Media Group to join Media General has sparked criticism from some employees of the Despite Media brand.

Presenters Kwame Nkrumah Tikesie and Ohene Nana Kwame Amo cast innuendoes while Ola Michale and Abena Moet labeled McBrown ungrateful. Vim Lady, on the other hand, defended McBrown, emphasizing that she has the right to join any firm of her choice.

Meanwhile, McBrown has said she had no contract with Despite Media and despite her request “to think of something new to do”, she was ignored hence, her decision to exit.

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