Ras Nene details how Shatta Wale is changing the lives of ‘ghetto youths’


Ghanaian comic actor, Ras Nene also known as Dr Likee has eulogized Shatta Wale for his selfless contribution to his NGO that foresees the development of young men and women in ghettos and on the streets.

On the account of Ras Nene, the Dancehall musician has been one of his main financiers and provided a better life for ‘ghetto youths’ by enrolling them in training centers and changing their lives for the better.

The actor who was once on the streets is on a mission to change the lives of many others through his success story as well as provide employment opportunities for those who wish to make it out of the ghettos.

Ras Nene announced to the public how Shatta has been a blessing to some Ghanaian youths.

“Some men in the ghetto who have seen me and others make it and strives to be like us. I try to support the youth and I must say one of my biggest sponsors has been Shatta Wale. I want to reveal underground information to the public.

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“He supports me by providing funds used in getting these guys into business. Most guys whom I enrolled into vocational training were funded by Shatta Wale. He has been of great help to me. This is why I advertise for his Shaxi company,” the actor disclosed in an interview on Kins1gh TV.

The Ghanaian musician who has a large fan base has for years inspired young men who are tagged as ‘ghetto youth’ to believe in their dream through his music and social media posts.


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