Our pillar of support is gone – Becky’s Orphanage Home on Atsu’s passing

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Director of Becky’s Orphanage Home Seth Asiedu expressed his sorrow over the passing of Christian Atsu, whom he referred to as the “pillar of support” for the orphanage.

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Atsu, a former player for the Black Stars, had been involved with the orphanage since 2016, providing assistance to uplift the spirits of the orphans.

Atsu’s efforts included the construction of a community school in Senya-Beraku, where disadvantaged children could access a high-quality education. This initiative aimed to support children from impoverished backgrounds who would otherwise struggle to afford an education.

However, just about the time, the facility neared its completion, Atsu died under rubble amid the earthquake which occurred in Turkey some weeks ago.

Seth Asiedu revealed that he had updated Atsu with the progress of the school building on Saturday [about two days more to the disaster] Atsu promised to send funds for its completion so it could be commissioned in June 2023 but the tragedy happened.

Without undermining the several support the orphanage receives from elsewhere he believes Atsu’s loss is a huge one that leaves them hopeless.

“Life without him now is very very serious and worrisome because a pillar of support is gone and we rely solely on him although there are other people who come in to support but his [support] is extraordinary and we feel proud of him so losing someone like that is a big blow to us,” he told TV3

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Atsu took these orphans on trips and excursions and donated so much to make sure they were far from a state of despair. It was Atsu’s dream to see the children meet all their basic needs as well as their fundamental human rights.

The children who developed so much love for their father in disguise couldn’t hold back their tears when they heard the news of Atsu’s death.

“On hearing about the news of his[Atsu’s] death, it wasn’t easy conveying it to the children but I tried. And that day, it was like a funeral in the home[Orphanage],” said Monica Wiredua, the manageress of the Becky’s Orphanage home.

As part of honouring Christian Atsu, some fans of his former club, Newcastle United have committed to raising funds to complete his school building project in Senya-Beraku, Ghana.


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