Okese 1 and Medikal throw shots at each other on Snapchat


Ghanaian rappers, AMG Medikal and Okese 1 are trading blows on Snapchat.

The two rappers have been at each other’s throat for some time now.

They have been using their money and wealth to tease each other to gain bragging rights.

After Medikal and his wife Fella Makafui recently launched their new mansion which they claim was built in 5 months, Okese has jabbed them over it.

In a post sighted on his Snapchat he questioned if the property was paid in full or installments.

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Though he did not mention any name, he continued to brag about how richer is than Medikal and his family put together.

He noted that he has more real estate connections than Medikal.

Medikal on the other hand indicated that the car and house he is bragging with in the village is somebody’s land price at East Legon.

See the posts below:

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