No Mercy: Man Destroys Ex-Girlfriend Who Came To Ask For Money In A 4K Video


A man has received enormous praise from the public after a 4k video surfaced of the man destroying his ex-girlfriend who left him because he was broke but came back for money after she realize that the man has started making money but she was shown pepper.

The man thought her a valuable lesson “there is no free lunch”. The school in which the couple were students is known simply as MUBS.

In the trending video, it appears the lady was not able to handle the long stick of the man she was engaged in the activity with and resorted to shouting on top of her lungs, much to the dismay of the gentleman.

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It was alleged by sources that the students were doing this session while an online class was going on via Zoom and that their classmates were treated to the viewing experience in their lives.



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