McBrown Has Always Been Evil, She’s Just A Good Pretender – Netizens React Following Report Of McBrown Brutalising Benedicta Gafah

Nana Ama McBrown has always been evil but just hides it behind a facade of affability, a netizen has alleged.

Recently, Benedicta Gafah’s ex-husband came out to drop tons of allegations against her.

One of his claims was that Gafah got a busted lip after being brutalised by McBrown for an unknown reason.

Social media users have dropped varying reactions to this claim – many refuse to believe McBrown would harm anyone but others said she’s more than capable of doing that.

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A tiktoker has now claimed the attack happened and that she knows the reason why.

In a video, the Tiktoker claimed that McBrown attacked Gafah over rumours she was sleeping with Maxwell Mensah.

She said McBrown has always been evil but she hides it well.

The TikToker added that if she decides to expose MBrown’s evil deeds, no one can survive the bombshells!

Watch video below…

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