Macho men believed to be from Lilwin’s camp attack Oboy Siki on live radio


Lilwin’s known nemesis Oboy Siki has accused the former of hiding behind the scenes to charge his macho men to attack him.

Speaking in an interview with Papa Kumasi on RTV, Oboy Siki explained that while speaking on Angel FM, FIPAG’s PRO, Aboro who is a known friend of Lilwin stormed the station to fume at him for blasting Lilwin for showing off his YouTube plaques on social media and mocking Dr Likee in the process.

According to Oboy Siki, he stated emphatically that he doesn’t know Abroo because of their old beefs.

While exchanging words with Abroo in the studious of Angel FM, 4 strong men forcefully entered the studious to beat him.

As claimed by Oboy Siki, 2 out of the 4 men who attacked him were Anamon and one Sumsum who’s a known notorious macho man.

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In the words of Oboy Siki, he would have been mercilessly beaten and rushed to the hospital if not for the timely intervention of the presenters who were around and some technical men.

Even after the macho men were prevented from attacking him, the issued a strong warning to him to sop insulting Lilwin and if he refuses to listen to tuier caution, they will track and his pathways and deal with him.

In the latter part of the narration, Oboy Sili revealed that he has reported the case to the police because they thretahne to take his life if he fails desists from verbally attacking Lilwin.

Watch the video below to know more…

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