List of Insurance companies in good standing in Ghana

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Insurance companies in Ghana, The National Insurance Commission (NIC) has released a list of insurance companies in good standing as of March 2018.

In a statement issued by the NIC, it stated that it has released this list to help the public when they need to engage the services of an insurance company in Ghana.

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The list is made up of 22 life insurance companies, 29 non-life insurance companies, and 3 reinsurance companies.

This statement is coming after reports on social media suggested that some insurance companies were in financial distress.

The Commission would like to use your medium to inform the public to disregard these malicious comments, which are vicious attempts by anonymous individuals to tarnish the reputation of these insurance companies,” a statement from the NIC said.

“The Commission would also like to advise persons engaged in these actions to desist and refrain from such acts since legal action shall be taken against them if found,” the statement added.

According to the statement, “the Commission has a bureau that investigates and resolves complaints by persons who are of the view that they have been unfairly treated by an insurance company. The public is advised to use this medium to settle any disputes they may have with an insurance company.”

Find the list below

1.  Ghana Reinsurance Company

2.  Mainstream Reinsurance

3.  GN Reinsurance Company Limited

Life Companies

2.  Africa Life Insurance Company Limited

3.  A-Plus Life Assurance Company Limited

4.  Donewell Life Insurance Company Limited

5.  Enterprise Life Assurance Company Limited

6.  First Insurance Company Limited

7.  Ghana Life Insurance Company

8.  Ghana Union Assurance Life Company Limited

9.  Glico Life Insurance Company Limited

10.  GN Life Assurance Company Limited

11.  Hollard Life Assurance Company Limited

12.  Metropolitan Life Insurance Ghana Limited

13.  Old Mutual Assurance Ghana Limited

14.  Phoenix Life Assurance Company Limited

15.  Prudential Life Insurance Ghana

16.  Quality Life Assurance Company Limited

17.  Saham Life Insurance Ghana Limited

18.  SIC Life Insurance Company Limited

19.  StarLife Assurance Company Limited

20.  Beige Assure

21.  UT Life Insurance Company Limited

22.  Vanguard Life Assurance Company Limited

Non-life insurers

1.  Activa International Insurance Company-Ghana Limited

2.  Allianz Insurance Company Gh. Ltd

3.  Best Assurance Company Limited

4.  Donewell Insurance Company Limited

5.  Enterprise Insurance Company Limited

6.  Sunu Assurances Ghana Limited

7.  Ghana Union Assurance Limited

8.  Glico General Insurance Company Limited

9.  Heritage Energy Insurance Company Limited

10.  Hollard Insurance Ghana Limited

11.  Imperial General Assurance Company Ltd.

12.  Millennium Insurance Company Limited

13.  NSIA Insurance Company Limited

14.  Phoenix Insurance Company Limited

15.  Prime Insurance Company Limited

16.  Priority Insurance Company Limited

17.  Provident Insurance Company Limited

18.  Quality Insurance Company Limited

19.  Regency Nem Insurance Ghana Limited

20.  Saham Insurance Ghana Limited

21.  SIC Insurance Company Limited

22.  Star Assurance Company Limited

23.  Unique Insurance Company Limited

24.  Vanguard Assurance Company Limited

25.  Wapic Insurance (Ghana) Limited

26.  Multi Insurance Company Ltd.

27.  Loyalty Insurance Company Limited

28.  Serene Insurance Company

29.  GN Insurance Company

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