Ladies; Use These Expert Tips To Make Your Breast Perkier


For many women, having perky breasts is a priority. Still, with age, pregnancy, and weight fluctuations, breasts can appear less firm and perky. Every woman’s body is unique and especially larger breasts might not seem perky. That’s okay. If, however, you want to try for firmer breasts, you can do different exercises to strengthen your pectoralis muscles.

Maintain a healthy weight. Being overweight or yo-yo dieting (gaining, then losing, then gaining significant weight) can cause breasts to sag. When you gain a lot of weight, your breasts will stretch and grow heavier. If you then drop that weight, you will be left with excess skin that may cause your breasts to appear droopy. Maintaining a healthy weight and BMI can help prevent your breasts from sagging. Breasts are more likely to sag if there is a higher ratio of fat to breast tissue. The denser your breasts that is, the more breast tissue they have, as opposed to fat the less likely they are to sag.

Use different yoga positions. Yoga can work to strengthen many parts of your body including your chest muscles. Consider taking a class to get a full body work out. Otherwise, there are particular stretches you can try: Bow pose: Lay on your stomach. Arch your back and place your arms behind your body. Pull up your legs so that your hands can grab your feet.

Swim. Swimming and especially doing the breast stroke can strengthen your chest muscles. Be sure to stretch before and after swimming. Swimming also will help your overall physical fitness, which will improve your appearance.

Wear the correct bra size. One thing that will help your breasts be and look perkier is to have a good bra. Visit a department store or lingerie store to have a professional measure you. Many women wear incorrect bra sizes and that can lead to back pain too.

Maintain good posture. Keep your shoulders back and do not slouch. This will not cure drooping, but hunching can make your breasts look heavier and droopier than they are. Do mirror checks to make sure you are standing straight.

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Massage your breasts. Use Vitamin E or shea butter to stimulate circulation in your breasts. This will also help the texture of your skin. Ayurvedic pomegranate breast oil is another option for firming purposes.

Do pushups. First, lay down. Then put your hands palms down near your shoulders. Lift your body up with your arms. Keep your head in line with your spine. Raise your body up and down. Try to do ten pushups at first. Then, increase your repetitions gradually. You can modify pushups by pivoting on your bent knees rather than on your feet. Lean forward to find the correct push up position. Raise and lower your body.

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