Kuami Eugene clarifies comments on dating, explains the need for ‘tough Skin’


Barely a week after Kuami Eugene made a statement implying that any woman interested in dating him should be able to handle the attention he receives from other women, the singer has since clarified his comments.

In an interview with Hello FM, Eugene claims his remarks were taken out of context and that he intended to convey that his fame and success make it difficult to avoid negative comments and attacks.

As a result, he suggested that potential partners should be prepared to handle criticism, hence the need for “tough skin.”

“I said if you are my partner, get ready to receive your fair share of it, and that’s what I meant when I said you should have tough skin,” he explained on the show.

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The singer went on to explain that his comments were not intended to suggest that he has multiple women pursuing him. Instead, he emphasized that he respects women and all those he encounters.

By asking potential partners to be prepared for negative attention, Eugene hoped to manage expectations and prevent aany misunderstandings.

“That’s what I mean by having tough skin, but I don’t mean to say that I have plenty of girls chasing me, so when you come and meet about 50 girls, you should be tough.

“That’s not it because I have respect for women, and I have respect for our people, and I respect everybody that I come across,” he added.


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