I’ve never seen my father before, I don’t know him – Hajia Bintu gets emotional on Delay’s show


The recent episode of the Delay Show featured an interview with popular Ghanaian TikToker, Hajia Bintu.

Host of the show, Delay in her usual craftiness started her interview by seeking to know about the beginnings of the social media sensation.

Along the line, the issue of Hajia Bintu’s father was brought up by the host who queried her guest with the question “where was your father in the picture?”

After a big sigh and a little giggle Hajia Bintu retorted with an emphatic “yes” to if her father was not around while she was growing up.

Then came a back-and-forth of questions between the host and her guest about the subject of an absent father and the emotional effects she suffers.

Delay: He wasn’t present right?

Bintu: Yes

Delay: Have you met him before?

Bintu: No.

Delay: Your whole life?

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Bintu: My whole life.

Delay: Have you heard his name before?

Bintu: No.. mmm, Okay, George.

Delay: Does your mom know where he is?

Bintu: No, not even my grandmother.

The 24-year-old went on to explain that she sometimes wishes to know why her father was not in the picture even though she has never met or seen his picture 0before.

She added that despite living with her father’s mother for a good part of her younger age, not even her grandmother could provide certain answers to the whereabouts her father.

When she was asked whether she cries about the absence of her father, the answer was about 20 long seconds of silence and big sighs followed by a request for the topic to be dropped.

Watch the interview below:


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