I nearly ended it all because of Kaninja – Xandy Kamel tearfully reveals

Actress and entrepreneur, Xandy Kamel has accused her ex-husband of maltreating her throughout their failed marriage.
Speaking on UTV last Saturday Xandy cried and revealed how she regrets ever marrying the sports presnter.

As emotionally revealed by Xandy, she nearly ended it all owing to the fact that her ex-husband was bent on destroying her.

Because she was tired and exhausted from all the cruel and violent treatment from her ex-husband who most people assume he’s a good person because of how calm and collected he appears in public.

According to Xandy, despite not taking good care of her, Kaninja was spending huge sums of money on other ladies including married women.

When she had her first miscarriage, her ex-husband refused to stay by her side and show her endearment as if he wasn’t the one who impregnated her in the first place.

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Assuming he would change, he still behaved nonchalantly after she lost her second pregnancy.

As the man of the house, Kaninja spent most of his time outside their matrimonial home to be with other women leaving her lonely and sad.

Thinking about all these and his unwillingness to change, she contemplated committing suicide but was saved by her mother who was aware of her terrible marriage.

Xandy really did suffer in her failed marriage and she did the best thing by seeking a divorce tpo save herself from the emotional abuse and manipulation.

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