I love Lilwin more than anyone in the movie industry – Oboy Siki


Kumawood Actor with the most nicknames Oboy Siki shocked netizens with yet another remark made on live TV a few hours ago.

Oboy Siki aka Dada Santo has enunciated that he loves and likes actor and musician Kwadwo Nkansah more than anyone in the movie industry.

According to him, Lilwin is his son and loves him to the core reason he comes out to blast him when he goes wayward and attacks people.

Oboy Siki put Lilwin first when it comes to his favourites in the Movie Industry, especially within the Kumawood Movie Space.

Oboy Siki who appeared as a guest on Rash Hour Show aired on GHPage TV listed his all-time choices. He said Lilwin takes the first spot followed by Frank Naro and Big Akwes last.

These remarks by the veteran actor have sparked controversy on social media as netizens are confused at the moment.

It has come as a shocker to them because just recently Oboy Siki on RTV launched a scathy attack on the comic actor.

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He lamented over how Lilwin refused to attend his mother’s funeral with the excuse that he was busy meanwhile he has attended his funerals before.

Speaking in an interview on RTV, Oboy Siki rained heavy insults on Lilwin and mocked him that his career is dead.

According to Oboy Siki, he’s now ever ready to match Lilwin boot for boot any time he strikes at him or any other colleague industry person.

Lilwin also fired back at Oboy Siki. According to Lilwin while reacting, Oboy Siki is envious of his success reason he always attacks him unprovoked.

He classed Oboy Siki as one of the less successful Kumawood actors who always ride on negative waves to make headlines.

The comic actor vowed to continue this beef with Oboy Siki if he dares speak ill about him again.

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