I am worth about 1 million dollars – Tracey Boakye reveals

Tracey boakye

East Legon-based Tracey Boakye has revealed that she is currently worth about a million dollars.

The self-styled businesswoman and movie producer in an interview with Abeiku Santana indicated that her extravagant lifestyle which she displays on social media is solely funded by herself.

Tracey Boakye who is recalled to have shared that she started her money-making business with a meager amount of Ghc300, now flaunts her flashy lifestyle which includes constant shopping sprees abroad.

She claims she owns houses, cars, a restaurant, a beauty salon, a movie production, and a real estate company.

Tracey Boakye expressed that she doesn’t keep track of her businesses but is certain that she is worth millions of dollars.

“I haven’t had time to keep track of my wealth. I haven’t taken stock of all my assets so it will be difficult to give an exact figure. I’m not up to a billion-dollar worth but I’m worth millions of dollars by the grace of God,” she said.

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Speaking on the ‘Papano’ saga which dragged her into an alleged relationship with a political figure who was suspected to be former president John Mahama, Tracey Boakye who did not entirely deny the claims mentioned that her fortunes were acquired due to hard work.

She revealed that she receives financial support from the father of her daughter.

“I worked hard for all the things I have now. I’m a forceful young lady but also, but I am not denying the fact that my papano, which is Nhyira’s father, supports me too. The relationship is a ‘hand go hand come’ job. Even if I have lots of money and I’m dating you, I’ll take your money,” she said.

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