Here are 6 ways to make a woman think about you nonstop.


Most times men go ahead asking what the things that can make a woman think about you nonstop. Which I will explain in this article today. One of the mistakes most men make is treating a woman the same way you treat men, and this is completely wrong.

Here are 6 ways to make a woman think about you nonstop.

1. Don’t rush the relationship.

As a man, this is the most important aspect in a relationship. If you meet a lady, and you want things to work between you both, it is advisable you learn to take things gradually without rushing them, women hate being rushed. If you ask a lady for her number, don’t just start texting her immediately. Let it take days before texting her. As this will help things grow gradually between you two.

2. Let her miss you.

This is another important thing most men make mistakes on. When you gave her space, she began to miss you. Because she will always want to know how you are doing, and why you haven’t been around. By doing this, she begins to think of you often.

3. Focus on time to build her up.

This is also very important. As a man, it is very important that you do something that will help her grow. If she is working on opening her business, make sure you bring up a great idea to move the business forward. If she is studying for her exams. Be the one to put her through, in one way or the other, to achieve her aim. By doing so, whenever you text or call her, she will always be in a hurry to get to her phone and hear you speak.

4. Give her a reason to miss you.

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As a man, you can make a woman think about when nonstop when you’re always around her. So it is advisable you create some distance. As this will draw her attention towards you. She will begin to miss your present and the good time she had when you were there. It is also necessary you work on your self-worth and general growth during this period. When she is bored at school or work, you will be the first person she thinks about.

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