Guy gets Pissed As His Girlfriend Pranked Him With A Fake PS5 Box.

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A video spotted on Instagram caught the eyes of Ghnewsfile and couldn’t be passed by. A lady who’s known to be the girlfriend of the guy pranked in the video placed a DSTV decoder inside a PS5 box and took it to his boyfriend to surprise him on Valentine’s day.

The guy got extremely happy that he carried the lady up and flaunted her like a queen. The guy didn’t know what to say because he was really happy to have got a PS5 from his girlfriend. The guy decided to unwrap the PS5 with a friend whom he stays with. As they unwrapped the gift, the guy say a DSTV decoder instead of a PS5 console.

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He got pissed and started saying “don’t touch me, don’t touch me”. The lady told him to forgive her and asked the guy so he thought she could get him the PS5. Where would she get that money? The guy locked himself up in a room and told the lady to go away.


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