Ghanaians React to the World Bank’s Disclosure That, They Gave Ghana Over $500 Million to Fight COVID-19

Ghana over $500 million to fight the deadly COVID-19 disease

In a recent submission, the country director of the World Bank, Pierre Laporte revealed that the World Bank gave Ghana over $500 million to fight COVID-19.

According to him, the World Bank gave Ghana $430 million to fight COVID-19 and also added that they also gave the country an additional $130 million purposely for the purchase of vaccines.

After the contents of his submission went viral, many Ghanaians have reacted to it and many people are asking the government to account for the money as they do not believe all the money was used to fight COVID-19.

Some reactions from Ghanaians are;

@khophi_bilo – Nana Addo be Gh Hushpupi

@abenamagis – They added another $100 million oh. It’s rather $660 million

@DelaliHodasi – If the gov’t cant account for the covid funds from the world bank & rest and prove what it was meant for! Then e-levy is not needed @ all# Corruption is at its peak# Beloved Ghana…

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@OSSEI_OWUSU – These monies would have solve the problem of unemployment if they utilized it by creating jobs like building a national farm to boost agriculture,complete hospitals,schools,roads etc it couldn’t happen but almighty E-Levy can do all these smh

@RepentedProdiga – All our vaccines were donated to us

@iamsamhesh – In all, World Bank gave Ghana over $500 million to fight COVID-19.we talking abt $560m wowwwww. Apparently, there is some $60m being prepared again but can the WORLD BANK block that monies…..

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