Ghanaians react to reports of Fella Makafui ‘revealing’ she’s now single


Following Fella Makafui’s latest claims that she’s currently single and searching for a new worthy man to replace her ex-husband Medikal.

Ghanaians on the internet who are mostly fans of the rapper have taken to the comments section of the trending video to shade the mother of one insisting on marrying only a rich man.

As suggested by these critics, if Fella Makafui is truly no longer with Medikal and searching for a new man to replace her ex-husband, then insisting on going into a new affair with only a rich man will only decrease her chances of getting a new lover because she’s a ‘born 1’.


According to them, it’s better she focuses on getting a responsible man who will treat her better than Medikal rather than focusing solely on money.

Well, some social media users have also put forward that the celebrity couples are only playing with our minds because there’s no way that they will split.

Ever since Medikal and Fella Makafui married 2 years ago, they have been playing divorce pranks on their fans and followers just to make it into the headlines.

It always works for them and hence they have fallen in love and mastered the art of sparking their own divorce rumours just to trend.

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Very soon, Ghanaians will get tired of their gimmicks and ignore them to face their fates alone just like the boy who cried wolf.

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Yinbangit T Timothy – Who wanna spend money for Born1 with pride head top????

JuxCallme Alhaji Panka – Even foreign used goods no dey buy na wo Ghana used!

Yve Young Go and join your senior colleague mitchy because no rich guy and I repeat no rich guy with clean and legitimate money will come for any of you, Except Medical and Gbenabu types

King Francis Mount But you were in riches? There is a saying that money doesn’t always guarantee a successful marriage

Samy SarpyContract marriage

Felix Kofi How much did your father have in his account befor married to ur mother

Bra Kobby They want do shatta wale and wife in things some you come here play wonna mind and go at the night and fuck him eiii ghana paa


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