Ghanaian pastor caught pants down ‘banging’ married woman with wild style right in a church (Watch)

A video has stumbled upon captures the unbelievable moment a pastor was seen busily entering a female church member from behind in a church auditorium.
As depicted in the video, it’s evident the pastor has been sleeping with female members of the unnamed church for some time now but no one had had any piece of concrete evidence to nail him.

Hence when his libido spiraled out of control and he decided to give this married woman a hot doggy style right in the heart of God’s holy sanctuary, a group of men and a woman caught him in the act and subjected him to severe beatings while filming the whole encounter.

The shamed-faced couple asked for forgiveness and promised not to do that again. At this juncture, we cannot authoritatively reveal if this is a reality or an extract from a movie or serial drama. We’ll however keep you posted should there be any development.

Watch the video below;

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