Ghanaian musician Wendy Shay reveals how she had broken heart.


Heartbreaks are normally excruciating encounters a great many people fear frequently in view of the profound aggravation and grief it accompanies. Nobody needs to drill down into such encounters because of a paranoid fear of being criticized by loved ones.

Artist Wendy Shay, says heartbreaks are unavoidable and no respecter old enough, class, orientation, and so forth.

“Broken heart is general. It couldn’t say whether you’re an artiste, star or no big deal either way. It can happen to a man, it can happen to a lady,” she said.

In a new video, she unveiled that she’s had her portion of broken hearts.

The Ghanaian vocalist was talking about her new tune in a new meeting with Glitch Africa, where she uncovered that her messed up heart experience propelled the melody.

“My new tune ‘Survivor’ is a wrecked heart tune, it’s an individual melody to me,” she said. She likewise showed that the piece has purposefully been custom-made to engage ladies, particularly those in harmful connections.

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“What truly gingered this tune was the point at which I heard the demise of the late Nigerian Gospel vocalist Osinachi. So I chose to do a melody to enable ladies, particularly the people who are in oppressive connections,” she added.

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