Ghana Is The Ish, You Have To Go There First Whenever You Visit Africa- Steve Harvey Tells Fellow Black Americans – Video


American comedian, Steve Harvey, sold Ghana to the world in a recent public appearance after praising Ghana as the gateway to Africa.

In a viral video, Harvey said whoever visits Africa should first make a stop in Ghana.

According to him, Ghana is the go-to place in Africa, after which you have to visit Botswana and South Africa.

“Leave everything you’ve ever heard. After you go to Africa, you got to go to Ghana first, and then you need to go to Botswana because you need to see what we… (Pause.)“

Pivoting to music, Harvey trashed claims that Burna Boy is copying American music styles, saying they (Americans) rather stole from Burna Boy.

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“Them Africans ain’t stole nothing from us, they talk about Burna Boy stole this, no, we stole from Burna Boy,

“Them Africans is us mhen; they are the beat; they are the rhythm; they are the song. They are hard work; we get our courage from them. When you see them, people, they look just like your family,” he said.

Steve Harvey visited Ghana with his family in 2019, visiting the Cape Coast Castle and other tourist destinations.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com

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