Fred Nuamah is no longer my friend – John Dumelo


Deep cracks in the friendship of John Dumelo and Fred Numah are beginning to show quite visibly as the two call each other out for betrayal.

Fred Nuamah was the best man for John Dumelo at his wedding, and even after that, the two have been good friends who have worked in the film industry for many years together.

As a film director and producer, Fred Nuamah and John Dumelo have a long history of camaraderie that is deep, and no one would have thought that they could become enemies.

Well, John Dumelo has stated categorically that ‘Fred Nuamah is not my friend.” According to him, their long-term friendship came to an abrupt end just a few weeks ago.

Stating the reason for the dissolution of their relationship, John Dumelo said he felt betrayed after Fred Nuamah stabbed him in the back.

Fred Nuamah is no longer my friend – John Dumelo

Therefore, he concluded that he was not fit to continue to be his friend.

John Dumelo expounds on his reasons by stating that he does not understand why Fred Nuamah would decide to contest the Aywaso West parliamentary primaries with him considering the fact that he made his intentions clear from the onset.

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“We are not friends. As we speak now, we are not friends. He had different intentions even after he acted as my best friend. We stopped being friends a couple of weeks ago. “At no point did I tell Fred that I wouldn’t be contesting in the Ayawaso West primaries,” John Dumelo said.

When Dumelo was asked whether he had spoken to Fred Nuamah and given him his blessings with witnesses present, he said, “No!”

John Dumelo is looking forward to winning the Ayawasi West Wuogon constituency parliamentary seat in 2024 on the back of his commendable performance in the last elections.

However, he would need to overcome the ‘Fred Nuamah’ barrier before he could proceed with his objective. Already, the people of SALL in the Oti region were expecting him to represent them since that was a sure path to getting into parliament.

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