Fella Makafui Replies An Instagram User Who Compared Her Mansion to Jackie Appiah’s Mansion – Video


Fella Makafui is a popular Ghanaian actress, model, social media influencer entrepreneur, and Philanthropist. She is someone who doesn’t come out with her problems but people decided to take advantage of her silence.

Taking you to her Instagram page Fella Makafui got angry over a comment a user made under posting her mansion. “According to the ‘user’, Fella Makafui is still not ashamed posting her mansion after Jackie Appiah shutdown the internet with her own at Trassco”.

The comment didn’t go well with Fella, she also came out to reply to the user who is rubbishing her mansion. What Fella said to the ‘User’ You don’t even have cement but you are speaking ‘nonsense’ about my mansion.

All hands are not equal and it doesn’t make sense to compare Jackie Appiah Mansion to Fella Makafui. Fella is just growing up in the movie industry and she just received a few ambassadorial deals. Jackie has been in the industry for so many years and has a lot of ambassadorial deals. Having that heavy mansion doesn’t matter. Some Ghanaians should learn to stop comparing legends to upcoming ones. Some trolls are not important to leave them to leave their life.

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