Every Year This Woman Grants Interview In The Same Flooded House; Many Feels She Is Irresponsible.


Social media couldn’t keep calm as they descended heavily on a woman whose house kept flooding every blessed year. Per the narration of Ghone journalist Godwin Asediba, this woman granted interview in the year 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 about her Flooded House.

Some Ghanaians feels that the woman is irresponsible. This is because, if government isn’t doing anything to help her, why can’t she help herself?

” Waiting for the rains to come and flood your house is not Patriotic. It’s Irresponsibility. If you don’t take care, one day, the flood will carry you away and you won’t be able to talk to your media friends” One George Kwapong told the woman in the comment section.

Well, do you side with George Kwapong and the other social media users? Well, I think we shouldn’t put all our blame on government. We can also do something to help ourselves than crying every year unto government through the media for relief.

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