Dr Osei Kwame Despite flaunts his expensive cars


All things have shown that Dr Osei Kwame Despite is an automobile enthusiast who splurges chicken change from his pocket on expensive whips.

A few months ago, the Ghanaian millionaire, marking his 60th birthday, decided to gift himself a 2022 Bugatti Chiron.

The over $3m super sports car adds to the many cars sitting in Despite’s garage.

New photos that have been spotted on social media capture Dr Osei Kwame Despite posing beside and inside some of his luxury cars.

In one of the fast-trending photos, the billionaire businessman was confidently seated inside his most talked about Bugatti.

The others were also shots beside some of his expensive vintage cars.

Dr Osei Kwame Despite’s Bugatti Chiron can pummel the pavement at over 200 mph thanks to a 16-cylinder engine that features four turbochargers and cranks out at least 1500 horsepower.

Apparently, he’s the only person in the country who owns such a car – Making him the boss of all bosses.

Check out the photos below to know more…

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Besides the cars in the above pictures, Dr Osei Kwame Despite owns other sports cars including Lamborghini Veneno Roadster, Bugatti La Voiture Noire, Rolls-Royce Sweptail and many others.


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