Do Not Look Like Your Problem Dress Well, Even If You Are Broke – Akwoaboah Says

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Ghanaian highlife performer, Akwoaboah has doled out a suggestion to individuals who are penniless and poor.In a new Tweet, the exciting performer prompted individuals who are penniless to quit seeming to be it.Some individuals dress inadequately and practice unfortunate cleanliness. These individuals when asked habitually related it to being “penniless” or excessively poor.

Yet, Akwoaboah has a directive for such individuals. As indicated by him, a needy individual can in any case look great and smell lovely.”Regardless of whether you are destitute, dress well and smell’s not a phony life..You can’t seem to be your concerns”. He Tweeted.

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A few group concurred with his relationship. A few women said that most men are dismissed not on the grounds that they are down and out but since of how they introduce themselves.

This statement has caused a great stir on social media. As people don’t even have what to eat and drink, they are always fighting out there, to provide food on the table for their families. Checkout some few Comments from people about this statement.

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