Criss Waddle Dashes A Brand New Taxi To A Friend To Avoid Depending On Him(Photos)


AMG Business boss Criss Waddle has proven to be a selfless young man and we’re proud of him.

He helped Medikal become a household name in the Ghanaian music industry, signing him onto his record label without expecting anything in return.

He has also supported a couple of underground acts financially even though he went on a musical break to focus on his other businesses.

In a latest Snapchat post, Criss Waddle shared a photo of a brand new taxi saying it was a promise he made to a friend and that he’s fulfilled it.

The taxi is yet to be registered meaning this lucky friend of Criss Waddle is going to have the car registered under his name and can start making money by himself.

We all need selfless friends like Criss Waddle who can go all out to put smokes on our faces and make life a better and comfortable one.

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