Big Butt Is In My Family But Am Not Part, Cina Soul Opens Up On Regret Of Not Having Bigger Buttocks

Cina Soul Cries Out About Having A Small Ass

Ghanaian singer Cina Soul has opened up on her regret of having not too huge buttocks unlike members of her family.

According to her, she was created differently and was not endowed with huge buttocks like other females in her family.

In an exclusive interview, Cina Soul intimated that she feels indifferent about not having huge buttocks:

“Ohhh the big buttocks de33 it is my family members. They all have big buttocks, my mother, my sisters, everyone. But I am not part,”

Cina Soul published her track “Ojorley” in the ‘Ga’ language a few weeks ago. In the song, the amazing singer symbolically utilized the word “yo k3 ehe s3 n3,” which refers to a woman with large buttocks, and went on to reference her uncle’s name, “Partey Otokunor,” who was fond of following ladies with large buttocks.

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Cina Soul, on the other hand, claimed definitely that she used the words “Oya wo yo k3 ehe s3 n3” in her song to inform the world how God has given her family with huge buttocks.

She went on to say that God had rejected her large buttocks. “God just said no to me.”

She also said that her song Ojorley’s large buttocks notion was inspired by her older sister, Naa.

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