Archipalago insults and blasts Hajia Bintu for advising young ladies to use juju charms on rich men


TikTok sensation, Hajia Bintu is trending again on various social media platforms for the wrong reasons.

A section of netizens, especially, tweeps have been bashing her in the last few hours over a video she shared online to promote a particular product.

While some might argue that she is probably just doing an advertisement to get some good money for herself, a lot of tweeps believe that an advertisement about a product that purportedly charms men to do the bidding of women is a no-go area.

In the video she shared on her social media pages, Hajia Bintu is heard suggesting that any woman who purchases the products will have men gifting her huge sums of money once she comes in contact with them whether via meeting or just a handshake.

She added that male sponsors or as she puts it ‘Papa No’ who prove stubborn when asked for money will succumb to a woman who uses the said product.

She listed the names of these products as: “use them & Stay, Attraction To Rich Men, Love & Pay, Love Me Alone, and Do As I Say.”

The people who took exception to the products and the things Hajia Bintu claims they can do took to their social media platforms to react and call her out.

Reacting to this, musician Archipalago has expressed his utter disgust at the TikToker for advising young ladies on how to use charm on rich men to get whatever they want.

In a self-made video, Archipalago angrily blasted Hajia Bintu and insisted that she must not be allowed to initiate young ladies into whoredom under the guise of selling charm products to ladies.

Watch the video below to know more…


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