A Perfect Time To ‘Attack’- Mahama To Commence A New Political Tactic Amid Demo Brouhaha


Mahama has launched his fresh attacks on the new patriotic party and this is intended to score some political points for them in these trying times for the Npp. Indeed, it is a political moment and the various parties are launching their attacks at each other.

In the ongoing demonstration, people have had the Npp held to their necks and making them answer questions and own up to their mistakes. But Mahama has been quiet in all this only to hint the public on the decision to continue the Ghana at crossroads program by him and the Ndc.

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According to Mahama, he will be addressing the people on the state of the economy and this will be happening at GIMPA. The occasion is purported to reveal details about the current state of the country and how best the victimized citizens can survive. It is also to lay bare the agenda of the Ndc and Mahama for the people and why they re the beg fit for this country.


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