7 Things That Makes Women Happy In A Relationship


Sometimes some men find it difficult to make their partner happy in their marriage or relationship. And this has created the impression that it is impossible to make a woman happy, except she wants to be happy. Which is totally wrong. When a woman loves you, it is your duty as a man to put a smile on her face.

7 things that you can do to make your woman happy in a relationship.

1. Surprise her with gifts.

Some men make this mistake often, they feel like since I am already dating her or have gotten married to her, I don’t need to buy her gifts anymore. This is totally wrong. Women appreciate and love gifts a lot. Especially, when it is coming from the love of her life. So it is advisable to surprise your partner with gifts at times, women love surprises a lot. As this is one of the best ways, you can make your partner happy.

2. Always remind her that you love her.

As a man, you should never stop saying those sweet words you always say to her. Women love compliments, women always like to hear romantic words. Especially, when it is coming from their man. So as a man, make sure you always try to be romantic at times. Hold her hands and tell her how much you love her, and how happy you are to be with her. As this will help go a long way that she is doing the right thing in the relationship.

3. Listen to her.

Women like being paid attention to too. So as a man, you should always listen to your partner. Don’t let her feel she is on her own. Always make time to talk to her. So it is advisable you always pay attention and listen to her before reacting to things. This will make her feel special and also happy to be with you.

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4. Compliment her.

This is also very important as a man. It is advisable you compliment your partner. This will make her feel special and happy to be with you. Women love it when their man compliments her, this is a sign that you notice good things about her, and the woman she is becoming. You should always compliment her look, smile or even her dresses. This will make her feel special and at the same time happy.

5. Say sorry whenever you are wrong.

As a man, it is very important to learn to say sorry whenever you’re wrong for a healthy and lasting relationship. This will also prove to her that you value and care for her and her feelings. Don’t create the impression in you that she will always be the one to apologize whenever something goes wrong in the relationship. As a man, when you learn to say sorry and ask for forgiveness whenever you are wrong. This will make her feel good and special.

6. Pamper her.

As a man, it is your duty to pamper your woman. Because nobody will do it for you. So it is advisable that you pampered your women. Because women love to be papered and feel as if they were a baby again. This will make her feel special and happy to have you as her partner.

7. Spend time with her.

This is the most important. As a man, it is very important you make time to spend with your woman. No matter how busy you are, always make out the time to spend with her. As this will help create special memories between you two. And women also love spending time together with their men.

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