$5000 Rejection : Jackie I’m Sorry For Bringing This Out; I Want People To Know You.- Movie Director


A Ghallywood movie Director has revealed how Jackie Appiah rejected a $5000 deal which was supposed to last for only 3 weeks. The Director further begged Jackie Appiah to forgive him for bringing this issue out. He is not having any bad intention but rather he wants people to know Jackie Appiah and how strong her brand is.

” I’m very sorry for bringing this out. Jackie, forgive me okay?” The Director started his narration on Radio XYZ.

” A prominent man gave Jackie Appiah a deal of $5000 to post his flyer on her Instagram page. Jackie was not obliged to add her photo to the flyer. Interestingly, Jackie Appiah and her management rejected the $5000 offer ” The Director continued.

” I’m saying this to make a point that Jackie Appiah has built a strong brand for herself. She saw five thousand dollars as small. You see how she has branded herself? She is not cheap.

” That five thousand dollars could have been somebody’s annual cash for a deal. However, Jackie Appiah rejected it. I’m not surprised that she acquired that big mansion. She is worth Billions. I know her well. Once again, Jackie forgive me for making this information public ” The Director concluded.

You can Watch the video below:

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